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Hiking with kids should be a fun experience for all involved. We’re all about getting kids outdoors, and hiking is a fun way for everyone to explore nature. We’ve come up with a few hiking hacks to make your outdoor adventure with the small fries a top notch experience for all involved.


Get the Kids Excited to Hike


Kids aren’t so different to adults. If you can hype up the special hiking expedition, they will be more likely to approach the trip with enthusiasm. Here are a few ways we have found to help this process.

  • When planning the hike, involve your kids. Ask them to help you choose the destination and hiking trail you will all embark on. Discuss options with them and the pros and cons of each. You could look at photos of the hike online and/or pull out a map to study together. If they feel like the hike is their choice, they may be more invested in the day.
  • Plan the hike with other outdoor family friends that also have kids. You’ll all be in it together, and the kids will look forward to hanging out with their buddies.
  • Get the kids involved with packing their kit – from snacks, accessories and what to wear.

How to Dress Kids for a Hike


Same goes for adults and kids. Good quality outdoor clothing and layer, layer, layer!

The ideal hiking outfit is made up of multiple moisture wicking layers that can be easily zipped off and then bundled back on. This will enable them to peel clothes off when it gets warm, and then pile them back on if it cools down.

Always bring a waterproof layer, even if it isn’t predicted to rain.

What to Pack for a Hike with Kids


With the help of your young’uns, of course, ensure the following items are in your (or their) packs.

  • First-aid kit (with lots of blister bandages)
  • Lots of snacks
  • Map and compass. Teach em young!
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket (even if it’s warm weather)
  • Extra pair of socks (quality socks that wick moisture away from the foot). Make sure that the socks show at least a little above the child’s shoe/boot tp prevent rubbing on the ankle or leg
  • Extra USB battery pack to charge phone
  • Headlamp
  • GPS device, such as a Garmin InReach or Spot, if you will loose cell phone reception during the hike
  • Even more snacks, treats, and drinks.

How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Hike


1.  Follow the leader

When hiking with kids, let your kids lead, with a little adult hinting here and there to keep them on track. Rather than feeling dragged along on an adult hike, this makes it feel more like a kids adventure! Giving children leadership roles can also make them feel empowered. It’s always a good idea to rotate the leader so no one gets power hungry, which will decrease the chance of mutiny amongst the group.


2. Trail games

There is an endless list of trail games that you can play in order to keep the group entertained on longer hikes. Here are just a few that come to mind;

  • Treasure hunts – Someone in the team powers ahead of the pack every now and the and hides treasures (be it chocolate eggs, lego men, action figures, glass stones, trinkets etc.) just off the side of the trail in nooks and crannies. This keeps attention focused and excitement high!
  • Alphabet game: Spot and name things along the trail in order of the alphabet (A-acorn, B-blue jay, C-coniferous tree, etc).  Or name movies, toys, geographical locations, etc in order of the alphabet.
  • Memory games:  It starts with “I am going hiking and I am going to bring along……” then every person who plays will have to recite what has been said before as well as what they’ll bring.  For example, I am going hiking and I am going to bring along a walking stick, a puppy, a banana, soccer ball, etc.
  • Hot Lava – Don’t touch the ground! This encourages everyone to be creative with their footwork, hopping from logs, to rocks to keep their feet from touching the trail.


3. Give them a task

A few fun examples;

  • Collect 5 Favourites: Everyone in the group has to collect their five favourite small items from the hike. They can continue to switch these out until the end. At the car / home base  encourage a show and tell where each group member can display and talk about their items.  This gives kids something to work towards and focus their attention on. It also gives them a sense of pride when they have gathered their loot.
  • Collect items for an arts and craft project, planned for a later date.


4. Adventure pack

Fill the adventure pack with items that will enhance the hike. Such as, binoculars to spot far away places and animals, a magnifying glass to check out bugs and plants, and/ or a small notebook, pencils and crayons, to write and draw about the hike on rest breaks. Any items that will encourage safe interaction with their surroundings.

Hiking with Kids at Whitecap FAQs


1.  How old do kids have to be to come to the lodge in the summer?

Typically it is ideal for children to be at the age that they are potty trained if they are coming up to the lodge. 4  years old is generally our minimum age. We have had infants and children as young 2 years old visit us at the lodge, but in these cases the trip needs to be a buyout (i.e. private lodge trip) with a parent or nanny available to manage to be with the child full time as we don’t provide babysitting.

2.  How far do children need to be able to hike to come along on the hikes?

Kids should be moderately ’tough’ and ok to deal with some bugs. We can cater for shorter hikes for smaller kids. If the child can manager a 5km round trip with 200m elevation in a day, then we can explore some pretty cool places! The sauna is 2.5km one way with 200m elevation.

3. Are special kids meals provided at the lodge?

Yes, if we are provided with preferences in advance, we can make custom meals for kids.

4. Do kids get a discount?

Yes, there is a 10% for kids under the age of 14.

5. Do you have any kid focused activities?

Yes, Whitecap has a hiking with kids program – Alpine Adventurers program is designed to engage & educate youth & kids. We have created this optional program for children between the ages of 6 – 13 years. The program can be tailored depending on age, but the idea is to teach stewardship of the natural environment.


If you’re looking for a hiking getaway that the whole family can enjoy, Whitecap is your spot! For booking and trip inquiries, email us at See you in the hills!