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Grizzly Bear Aware


We recently had the pleasure of connecting with wildlife biologist and renowned bear researcher Lana Ciarniello to not only learn how to be Grizzly Bear aware, but to gain some deeper insight into the lives of North America’s notorious Grizzly Bears. Lana discussed Grizzly Bear behaviour, human interaction and how we can best co-exist with these amazing creatures, while recreating in their habitat.


Lana holds a Masters degree in Environmental Design/ Environmental Science from the University of Calgary, and a PhD in Environmental Biology and Ecology from the University of Alberta, with her research for both focusing on human interaction and impact on B.C.’s bear population.


We hope this recorded discussion helps people better understand the ways of the Grizzly and how to safely recreate in their habitat.  Enjoy!



We hope you enjoyed these Grizzly Bear facts and insights. For more informative videos about bears, check out N.A. Bear Expert Team- Bear Specialist Group’s You Tube Channel.