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Whitecap Basecamp

The Details

Location: A hidden zone in the Whitecap Tenure
Duration: 4 nights
Cost: $3199 CAD
Dates: Mar 31-Apr 4 | Apr 4-8 | Apr 8-12 | Apr 12-16, 2024
2024 Availability
2024 Availability + Pricing

Whitecap Basecamp

Trip Dates:
March 31 - April 4


Per Person:

Group Buyout Rate

6 Spots Left

Trip Dates:
April 4 - April 8


Per Person:

Group Buyout Rate

0 Spots Left

Trip Dates:
April 8 - April 12


Per Person:

Group Buyout Rate

2 Spots Left

Trip Dates:
April 12 - April 16


Per Person:

Group Buyout Rate

0 Spots Left

Trip Dates Days Per Person Group Buyout Rate Status
March 31 - April 4 4 $3199 $19,194 6 Spots Left
April 4 - April 8 4 $3199 $19,194 0 Spots Left
April 8 - April 12 4 $3199 $19,194 2 Spots Left
April 12 - April 16 4 $3199 $19,194 0 Spots Left
Get deep into the Coast Mountain backcountry with a team of experts to manage the details. Whitecap Basecamp is the ultimate destination if you’re looking for adventure.


You’ll arrive at camp by helicopter to find everything set up and waiting for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning, and let us take care of the details.

What to expect

Our communal tent is your gathering spot for dining, dancing, and socializing. Unwind in luxurious comfort in our backcountry winter camping experience.

Sink into your cozy cot in your heated private satellite tent for a restful night’s sleep. With all the creature comforts you need – a sound system, generator, sleeping cots, and propane stoves – you’ll be ready for another day of adventure. Your crew will be led by an AGMG guide and supported by a tail guide who will take you to the goods daily.

All trip dates will have three days to ski or snowboard. Dependent on transfer dates, some trips will have four nights to enjoy the basecamp setup.

*The photos here are not of our Base Camp since this is the first year! Please click the links below to see the tents we will use. 



Communal tent: 12’x16′ insulated Weather Haven tent 
  • Vented propane stove for heat and gear drying
  • Insulated hard floor
  • Kitchen
  • Chairs and tables
  • Lighting
  • Sound system
  • Generator
  • No cook on-site, but you will be well-stocked with everything you need to create delicious meals, including all food and snacks.
  • We can accommodate your dietary needs with notice.
  • One guide and one tail guide will also act as the camp manager.
  • The camp will have a complete first-aid trauma kit.
  • The guide team will have support and communications with Whitecap Lodge and remote internet for backup safety communications.
Sleeping Quarters
  •  Double occupancy arctic oven hot tents for sleeping
    • Sleeping in groups of two or three
    • Personal tents are super warm, dry and big enough to stand in
  • Each sleeping tent has a propane stove for heat and drying
  • Each guest will have a cot with winter-rated Thermarest (extra padding on top of the cot)
  • Winter sleeping bag
Toilet Facilities
  • Outhouse-style portable toilet
  • We will manage the setup and clean up
Guests Bring
  • Backcountry ski equipment and clothing
  • Ski mountaineering equipment (harnesses, crampons, etc.)
  • Camp clothes
  • Winter-rated boots for walking around the camp
  • Hut booties for inside your tent
  • Full packing list available
Evacuation Fund
Evacuation Fund can be purchased from Whitecap Alpine for $50 at the time of booking your trip.  For those that choose to buy-in to the Evacuation Fund, Whitecap will cover the cost of helicopter extraction to a higher level of care in case of a medical emergency (under the advice of the Medical Director). This must be purchased prior to your trip start date and will last until your trip departure date.
Please note, that the Evacuation Fund is not insurance. Everyone should have their own travel/trip cancelation and medical coverage (BC residents: look into what MSP covers you for). Please ask your insurance provider if evacuation insurance is included as part of your plan. If not, then be prepared to cover the costs associated with getting out from the backcountry in an emergency.
Cancellation Policy

Deposit of $1250 at the time of booking. Final payment at 10 weeks. Non-refundable inside of 4 weeks. 50% refundable 4-10 weeks. 10+ weeks – refund less a non-refundable booking fee of $275 per space booked. No refunds for bad weather or acts of force majeure. Trip cancellation/interruption and medical insurance are advised to be purchased as soon as you book. Cancellation requests need to be received via email to The evacuation fund is included in the Flexi rate.

Yes, before payment, each guest must complete:

  • Our online waiver
  • Agree to our terms and conditions
  • Complete a Registration Form

Whitecap and Whitecap International cannot make exceptions to the cancellation policy and all cancellations must be received in writing.

Deposit of $1250 at the time of booking. Final payment at 10 weeks. Non-refundable inside of 4 weeks. 50% refundable 4-10 weeks. 10+ weeks – refund less a non-refundable booking fee of $275 per space booked. No refunds for bad weather or acts of force majeure.
Trip cancellation/interruption and medical insurance are advised to be purchased as soon as you book. Cancellation requests need to be received via email to

All guests initially meet in Pemberton at the Pemberton Airport Terminal building for a trip briefing and helicopter orientation.

The terminal building is just east of the Blackcomb Helicopters office and Hanger. Please park directly opposite the terminal entrance.

Once the pilot is happy with the weather window and everyone is clear on the logistics for the day, we will drive in convoy to our staging area at the Red Barn, in D’Arcy. It is about 45 minutes east of the airport. Please ensure you have transport to D’Arcy organized. We encourage carpooling where possible. Vehicles can be left at Pemberton Airport if necessary.

Please arrive ready to ski. We will ask you to change into your ski boots in D’Arcy for the helicopter transfer. From there it is a short 10 minute flight into the Basecamp zone.

Luggage allowance of 15kg (40lbs) per person including personal alcohol. This does not include skiing equipment.
Pack personal gear into a small duffel or into your daypack. Avoid large duffel bags or rigid frame travel bags.

Wear bulky and ski clothing as well as ski boots in the helicopter.

Heli Drops are based on flight time starting at $1699+gst per 30 minutes.  Depending on how many people are doing the drop you can expect to spend anywhere between $400 and $600 plus tax.  The program runs as a value added program and we generally use it when the weather and conditions are conducive.

Yes, airbags are an excellent way to decrease your chance of being buried in an avalanche. They are not mandatory, but if you do own one, please feel free to bring it with you.

Please let the Whitecap staff know you have an airbag upon your arrival at the airport as it will have to go in the basket of the helicopter.

Helmets are always a great idea, but they are not mandatory.

In all scenarios, Whitecap still highly recommends that all guests purchase trip cancellation, trip interruption, and medical insurance. If we can provide direction or guidance in regards to insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Cancellation insurance can be purchased from your local travel insurance company. For residents of BC, cancellation insurance can be difficult to purchase. We recommend Acera Insurance:

At Whitecap we only work with the best fully certified ACMG Ski Guides in the winter and hiking guides in the summer. All of our guides are knowledgeable about the terrain and the snow conditions they will be taking you in. Assessing snow stability and evaluating avalanche hazard is always our first priority.

Two people will sleep in each tent, and there will be one sizeable communal yurt for cooking and hanging out.

Each ten is 9’6” x 9’6” with a vestibule for gear and a ceiling hammock for drying. Each will have a propane stove for heat, and they are tall enough to stand in.

They will each have two cots with mattresses.

We proudly partner with Blackcomb Helicopters, which as of January 1, 2019, became the first full-service helicopter operator in the world to offset 100% of its carbon footprint.

Through a significant contribution to a forest conservation project on Quadra Island, as well as local green tech and travel initiatives, BH is offsetting its carbon footprint through the sequestration of greenhouses gases by preserving forests, encouraging greener travel for commuters, and incorporating energy savings and lower emissions in new building design. You can learn more about Blackcomb Helicopters’ ‘Fly Carbon Neutral’ program here:

Here is a sample packing list. However, before your trip, your guide will let you know of any changes to this list.
  • Toiletries & medication
  • Full ski touring gear (same as lodge list) for spring skiing
  • Personal repair kit (optional but recommended)
  • Ski crampons
  • Boot crampons
  • Light-weight ski mountaineering axe
  • Harness
  • Two locking carabiners
  • Two non-locking carabiners
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Glacier glasses or dark sunglasses
  • Camp boots (if bringing hut booties, winter boots are recommended in addition)
  • Sleeping bag

We have one River Expedition toilet with a proper toilet seat.

We will arrange pre-made meals that are simple to prep for the group. The guide, camp manager and group will cook.

We will accommodate any dietary restrictions in our meal prepping.

Hell yah! Remember to keep within personal bag weight limits to avoid extra charges.

Smoking outside the tents or yurts is fine, be prepared to pack out any butts.

Please show up with a full water bottle.

We will fly in a few jugs and then melt and boil snow beyond that.

You can tip the staff by emailing us to create a tip invoice for you or we can do that at the office at the end of your trip.

Ski gear:
  • ski crampons
  • boot crampons
  • lightweight ice axe
  • ski mountaineering harness
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • 2 non looking carabiner
  • Sunglasses
  • sun hat
  • sunscreen
Camp Gear:
  • sleeping bag – tents are heated so no need for a heavy winter sleeping bag
  • snow boots for walking around in the snow!
  • Hut shoes (optional)
  • BYOB (will have a keg for beer to purchase)
  • warm camp clothes
  • Headlamp

Signing up for the Evacuation Fund covers the cost of the helicopter evacuation in an emergency if you fall ill or get injured and need to immediately be taken to a higher level of care.

$50 per person, per trip, to be paid prior to the start of your trip date. Depending on the trip package you book, the evacuation fund could be included in the price of the trip. Please ask if you are unsure.
The evacuation fund is only available for McGillivray Pass Lodge, Peaks of Pemberton and Basecamp trips  Without it you could be left to pay the bill for the helicopter if you are not otherwise insured. The cost of the flight will depend on flight time. You should expect this to be somewhere in the realm of $2000.

If you buy trip insurance make sure the provider knows that you will be backcountry ski touring and ask them if helicopter evacuation is covered.
For those with MSP, helicopter evacuation may be included in some cases, but the process will need to go through the proper chain of command via a 911 call and then be passed on to Search and Rescue. Having access to the evacuation fund allows us to bypass a potentially lengthy process and not take up the volunteer SAR resource. We go directly to our helicopter provider for the quickest possible extraction from the field. All our guides are certified Wilderness first responders and the decision to fly comes under the guidance of our Medical Directors.

Have Questions?
Call us at 604-907-7937 or email us at