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Learn what you can snack on in the wild.

Meet Our Summer Hiking Guides 

Cool as a cucumber but tough as nails, Emelie is never one to boast, but always one to show up. Emelie is in her element in the outdoors and is always up for a mountain adventure.

Born and raised in Sweden, Emelie came to Canada in 2004 to experience BC powder skiing, and was immediately hooked. After graduating from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, with an Adventure Guide Diploma and a Bachelor of Tourist Management, she moved to Revelstoke to pursue a career as a guide. Since then, she has completed the ACMG Ski and Hiking Guide certification and now devotes her time to guiding worldwide and  year-round adventures.


Name: Emelie Stenberg


Born: On a small farm in northern Sweden


Most incredible place you have hiked (not including Whitecap): So many incredible places to visit. But I do have a soft spot for the arctic environments

in Norway and Iceland, where you can travel across the arctic tundra and swim in the ocean. And endless hours of daylight allows you to hike until late evening, never loosing sight of the sun!


Favourite hiking snack: Date and almond balls! Loaded with energy, these are super easy to make and so filling and delicious for your big alpine endeavours.


Favourite BC wild flower and why: Moss Campion. These small cushion plants with tiny pink flowers grow in the most harsh places up high on rocky ridges and summits. I’m always amazed how they can survive and thrive in these places. So fragile but yet so strong.


Biggest hiking fail you have made: Not bringing enough food for a long strenuous multi-day hike, snacking on soaked leftover breakfast oats… Learn what you can snack on in the wild and always bring some emergency snacks, you never know when you’ll need it!


Best hiking hack: Hot water bottle! Even for those warm summer overnight hikes, come nighttime a hot water bottle tossed in the sleeping bag is the best and keeps you warm and toasty. Also works great for drying out those those wet hiking boots or socks. Toss it into the boot or roll the sock over the bottle and voila, dry happy feet for the next day!