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Yesway to Norway

Whitecap guide Christina Lustenberger shares some of her favourite things about her last Whitecap International trip to the land of the midnight sun.

1) Ski from the sky to the sea. Literally. It’s one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes I’ve ever skied, with some huge lines right down to the ocean. I think that’s reason enough to go.

2) The saunas. Our accommodation at Lofoten Ski Lodge fulfilled every dream you’ve ever had about life in Northern Norway (if you’ve had any). It was a stunning, traditional Norwegian lodge with easy driving access to the base of some amazing lines right above the ocean. The sauna to dip in the ocean is the ultimate Scandinavian challenge and is also great to help those ski legs recover.

3) Ski all day. The sun rises early and sets around 10pm in the spring, so you can get some serious mileage in. I highly recommend trying to ski your last run down during sunset. The light is absolutely amazing in Norway.

4) The culture. Have you ever hunted for lines via boat then had waffles at après and fresh cod for dinner while on a ski trip? Didn’t think so.


5) The Northern Lights. Stay up a little later than you normally would after a day of touring (or maybe it’s just me who sneaks away to bed?), the lights are completely worth it.