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Cara Bateman is a singer and songwriter based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. On meeting Cara at a live music yoga class in Victoria, Whitecap Summer Programs manager, Leah Evans, knew that she had to get Cara up to the lodge. Since the summer hiking program kicked off at Whitecap, Leah has been envisioning bringing music to the backcountry and infusing our guests’ experience with soulful sounds in the mountains. Cara’s sound fit perfectly with this vision. “Her voice is amazing- once you hear her sing there is something that will stay with you for sure!” says Leah of Cara’s vocal artistry.


Cara will be joining our August 22 – 26 Soundscapes hiking trip this year. Leah explains that “guests can expect the regular programming we have for hiking, plus an in the field jam and a final performance from the artist.”


We caught up with Cara to learn a little more about her music and thoughts on performing up at McGillivray Pass Lodge this summer.

  1. How would you best describe your music? 


I always find this question tricky, as I’m constantly exploring and learning and experimenting with new sounds! My influences lie in old-timey country, folk, soul, R&B, jazz, and blues. I think my songwriting is a reflection of any of these sounds depending on the day, and the mood that I am in when I am writing. My voice is certainly the feature – low, raspy, soulful, and silky smooth all at the same time. I tend to write about anything and everything. No topic is off limits. While I certainly write about my own lived experiences (love, hardship, mental health, and the continuing struggle to find purpose, identity, and meaning in the age of technology), I find joy in writing about the weird, the mundane, the inanimate object, the story my friend told me. As much as I am obsessed with music, I am equally obsessed with songwriting.

  1. What are you most looking forward to during your visit to Whitecap’s McGillivray Pass Lodge?


I am beyond excited for this show. There are so many things that I’m looking forward to. I feel honoured to have been asked to perform for this. If not for this show, I’m not sure that I’d ever get the opportunity to take part in something like this – exploring a beautiful, hidden gem in BC that is so remote. I often feel overwhelmed by how plugged in we all are these days, and I find myself craving more connection with nature. So that is one aspect – being able to unplug like never before, all in a place so beautiful I’m sure it will take my breath away.

I’m also very excited to learn from your expert team about the landscape, its history, and its native species.


You can check out Cara’s music online via the links below:


Music Video – I Wrote This For You


Music Video – Perfect


Music Video – Love Is


This will be the first of many Whitecap Alpine Soundscapes trips . If you happened to miss out on a spot at this year’s music infused hiking experience, don’t worry, there will be more to come. As Leah assures us  – “we will continue to find musicians with unique and raw talent that can share their skills in a backcountry setting.” To inquire about summer trips up to Whitecap, please send us an email at