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Cassiope Peak's East Face.

Continuing on with our Peaks of Pemberton theme, we’re asking our guides about their favourite zones to take clients for a day of heli access ski touring in the Pemberton area. For this instalment we’re featuring Rupert Davis, a well renowned splitboard and climbing guide. Rupert has lived in the Sea to Sky area for the last 20 years and knows the mountains like the back of his hand. When Rupert is excited about a particular face, you know it’s one you should add to your bucket list!

Favourite Run:

Cassiope Peak’s East Face.


Favourite aspect of it:

Steep and fun spines with minimal exposure and a nice clean runout. No glacier means, no schrund (bergshrund) to clear at the bottom and the line has options for multiple passes and a few airs.

Level of skier:

Advanced trending towards expert.


Approximate vertical:

The face itself is only about 150m but it you were to take it to the lake it is about 850m of nice open alpine bowls.


Hardest Part of the Objective:

Slough management – for people who are new to steep skiing. It is wise to slowly trend skiers right and maintain your speed while riding this line so as not to get enveloped by your slough.


Approximately how long is the day:

Short – long.

This area has numerous options for all levels of riders. You can keep it mellow in the rolling subalpine or combine it with another prize line like the East Face of Saxifrage for a big day.


Our Peaks of Pemberton heli access touring trips will be kicking off at the beginning of January. Trips range from 1 – 3 days.  To learn more about Peaks of Pemberton, click here. If you’re interested in booking a trip, email us at