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Endless Horizons and Steep Lines with a Deep History.

After the lodge was built and throughout the following years, outdoor enthusiasts explored further and participated in various winter and summer adventures. McGillivray Pass Lodge, and the natural beauty of the forested mountains which surrounded it, soon became legendary; an awe-inspiring and amazing destination for winter and spring ski touring, summer trekking and mountaineering.

For the past 20 years, the Andrews family have called the McGillivray Pass Lodge their ‘winter home’. Still to this day the Andrews reserve the lodge for the Christmas holidays prior to the start of each winter season. A true passion for the outdoors combined with a real love of mountain culture continues to establish their rich history in these magnificent mountains.

Today, the legendary McGillivray Pass Lodge is also home to our mountain adventure company created for passionate mountaineers we’ve called ‘Whitecap’. Situated in the broad valley of McGillivray Pass just North of Pemberton, Whitecap offers both alpine and tree skiing and split boarding in all kinds of weather and conditions. This is epic backcountry for real.