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Who do you recommend for trip insurance? 


Have you emailed us and asked this question?  You are not alone, this is the most frequently asked question from Whitecap guests.  You’ve asked so we’ve broken it down… 

In all scenarios, Whitecap highly recommends that all guests purchase trip cancellation, trip interruption, and emergency medical insurance.  These policies can be purchased from your local travel insurance company.  We recommend Lifestyle Travel Insurance as a good option as they are highly experienced with adventure travellers.


1.  Allow enough time to do your homework. Ensure that you thoroughly read the policy wording and don’t make assumptions.  This will allow you to understand  exactly what you need for coverage and in the right time frame. Don’t wait until the last minute when you are rushed or making an emotional last minute purchase.

2. Policies have improved greatly to support the ever-changing pandemic. However, you should purchase Trip Cancellation as soon as you are book a trip.

3. If you have existing medical conditions (including COVID-19) when purchasing a policy there will likely be restrictions on coverage.

4. A little known fact for those shopping for last minute insurance – Policies purchased right before departure will have coverage restrictions. In short, the longer you wait to purchase insurance, the less likely you will be covered for a large range of incidents.


We chatted with  Lifestyle Travel Insurance and they gave us some great tips for purchasing coverage prior to your trip.  


Check out and their self-serve option to receive a policy TODAY.  Find out what you can be covered for in the case of illness, accident, interruption, etc. prior to and during your trip.