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Summer Testimonials


What can I say! We just had the best time this weekend. Thank you especially to Leah for some beautiful hiking experiences, good for the whole group. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we just enjoyed each day in so many different ways and Rosie’s food was phenomenal!!!! Thank you to everyone involved in this total all round fabulous experience. 

Jo, 2022


Overall, my stay was excellent. The food was excellent and flexible, according to different requirements. Accommodation was comfortable and warm, the logistics of the transport (helicopter and bus) was safe, spectacular and risk management procedures were very well orchestrated. The leadership of hikes was of a high professional quality. Definitely up to, or exceeding ACMG standards. The pace was appropriate and safety margins wide. Environmental Interpretation was excellent. The staff were very friendly. Highlights were the sauna on the lake, the variety of hikes and the food. Thank you for a great week.

Rick, 2022


My first “trailventure” at Whitecap Alpine was a true getaway! From the moment we boarded the helicopter I felt the worries of the day-to-day drift away as we were transported to the lodge. The guides were knowledgeable about the surrounding area and were quick to accommodate the day plans for every ability and made sure everyone felt comfortable and taken care of. We started and ended each day with delicious homemade meals, which were catered to meet every type of preference and allergy, and always had plenty of delicious snacks to keep us moving throughout the day! After a full day in the mountains taking in the beautiful scenery, coming back to the lodge truly felt like we were returning “home” where the fun continued as we shared stories and highlights from the day. Whitecap is a very special place and I can’t wait to return!

Christina, 2021


Our 2021 hiking/trail running trip to Whitecap Alpine was a real treat that will guarantee to blow you away the moment you buckle in, it’s Heli time! The cabin itself is warm and cozy with a special rustic charm. Food is top notch with their own in-house chef. Sleeping quarters are perfectly organized to ensure you are well rested for the next days adventure. The guides are top class, very knowledgable, safe and fun. The landscapes in this area are breathtaking, the terrain varied and the views spectacular. Get out there and treat yourself, you won’t regret it!

Kyle (We Run Pemberton), 2021


Wow, we had an AMAZING time with Whitecap. My brother and I just got back from a summer trip, and it was an extremely unique, comfortable, and fun experience. The hiking was incredible, the guides were extremely knowledgable, helpful, and skilled. The lodge itself is super cozy. The sleeping areas are super comfortable. The food was incredible, thanks to the talented chef . If you’re on the fence about going on a trip with Whitecap, don’t be! I am so glad I did. What a unique experience! Thanks so much!

Khalid, 2021


I had the absolute best time at Whitecap for a September hiking trip! Everything from the helicopter ride in, to the alpine sauna made this a bucket list week in the backcountry. The guides were knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions about the area’s history, wildlife and vegetation, and worked to modify each day of hiking to appropriately challenge the group. The food was phenomenal, the accommodations cozy and warm, and the staff were all friendly, going above and beyond to ensure we were having a great time. I went in as a solo traveller and within five minutes of landing felt right at home, as though I was hangin’ with my good friends at a family cabin (granted one with a top-notch chef and a pre-heated sauna waiting at the end of a long hike!) It’s rare to get the chance to do any hiking in BC without seeing hundreds of other people on the trail, let alone be spoiled with such stunning views all to yourself!

Allie, 2021


Whitecap is found in an incredibly beautiful and special part of the world, surrounded by stunning peaks and high alpine valleys. No matter the season, you’re in for a genuine, awe-inspiring mountain experience — carefully tailored to your interests and skill level by a fantastic team. From the tours to the amenities, to the food… your trip to Whitecap will be one to remember.

Mary, 2021


Summer time at Whitecap is a special place. Magical meadows, single track trails leading away in every direction from the lodge into the alpine, with endless ridges to explore and run along. I wish I had more time to fully immerse myself up there, but the four days were filled with good memories, new friends, and tasty food. Thanks Whitecap Staff!

Richard, 2021


One of the most beautiful getaways in BC. The lodge is tucked away in a stunning valley just north of Pemberton. We spent a few days here exploring the mountains and relaxing in their private sauna. The Sauna was a major highlight and I would go back for that aspect alone.
The food was amazing, and the cozy cabin atmosphere was perfect. I’ll definitely be returning!

Emmett, 2019


Thank you to everyone at Whitecap Alpine for providing me with the very best possible hiking experience. The helicopter ride, my “Heidi” room, the food….OMG, the food! The genuine warm welcome, the generous hospitality, the magical sauna and lake swim, and last but not least, the most wonderful mountain hikes led by personable and knowledgable guides. Yes, I have already booked my return trip.

Honey, 2019


Whitecap is one of the most incredible locations I have ever visited. Not only are the mountains majestic, the living quarters are beautiful and staff is is so warm and fun! The sauna is magical, I could try and describe it but you wouldn’t believe me. Do yourself a favor and check this gem out!

Emma, 2019


Whitecap is the best! Amazing scenery, food and people – endless different ways to fill your day and make the most out of your summer.

Ilanna, 2019


One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. The simple, rustic charm of the yurts and homey-ness of the main cabin make for a real camping experience, while guided tours from knowledgable staff helped us to learn about the surrounding vegetation and wildlife. I especially loved the alpine lakes, which were just a short hike from the base camp. You’ll wish you could stay secluded in the mountains forever.

Jasmine, 2019


Simply stunning experience in a truly picturesque and wild part of British Columbia. Highly recommend their summer hiking package! Come for “that Sauna” and stay for the amazing food being served up every night. Highly recommended!

Lee, 2019


There were so many highlights, but the most memorable for me will be the breathtaking scenery, invigorating hikes and the wildlife. As a keen birder I was thrilled to see such a variety of hawks, warblers and some migrating irregulars. Getting close to some very cute marmots and a good sighting of a two moose were also a wonderful treat. All this with an abundance of gastronomic excellence and highly skilled and knowledgeable guides make the experience one I will never forget. Thank you to all involved. 

Vicky, 2019


Raw, gorgeous and stunningly beautiful scenery. The crew at Whitecap are also completely kick ass. Big shout out to Ron, Hayden and Meecha. Thanks for the incredible, seasonal food, warm hospitality and amazing local knowledge of the land.

Emily, 2019

Winter Testimonials


Most amazing day!! Had the BEST guides, Anna and Rupert absolutely knocked it out of the park! We skied the most incredible lines and they showed us all the best spots. Everything was planned out so perfectly and we had so much fun. Can’t thank this amazing company enough. Hope yo be back again soon!!

Helene,  2022


Welcome to backcountry heaven. Hung out in a log cabin, slept in a yurt and played all over these mountains with an awesome crew of backcountry loving humans last week. The waist deep powder was a bonus. Thank you for an incredible ‘bucket list’ experience!  Can’t wait until I’m back!

James, 2022


We had an incredible week up at Whitecap! We were up there to do our AST 2 late December and had a great time. Rooms were very nice and clean, staff were friendly, food was delicious and the sauna was a bonus after a long day skiing. Can’t wait to go back and do some more exploring!

Yuki, 2020