Winter Checklist

Proper equipment in good working order makes for a comfortable and worry-free outdoor adventure. Whitecap Alpine recommends that all guests have current powder skiing and mountaineering equipment to ensure the best possible experience. We also advise that all specific safety equipment be tested prior to arrival.


Your Feet Your Feet Your Feet!!!! The most important consideration 

Comfortable feet are crucial to a successful week of skiing. If you are planning to rent boots, we suggest that you either bring a pair of liners that fit your feet from other ski boots, or bring the second pair of boots.

For the best accessibility, we suggest that skis be at least 110 mm in the shovel with properly fitting adhesive climbing skins. Our guides use and recommend G3 skis and equipment. Visit for more.

Snowboarders should be using split boards. There are great options available for rent and purchase. Please contact us or check out the new splitboards from G3.

It is mandatory that all guests have in their possession at-all-times in the field: Shovel, Probe and Digital Transceiver (457 Khz single frequency).

Avalanche Airbags

Avalanche airbags are proven to be very effective in keeping individuals from being buried in the event of an avalanche. Whitecap advocates and supports guest use and will answer any questions or concerns regarding their use and effectiveness. Please contact us for more information.

Whitecap Alpine has a small selection of equipment for rental. Please contact us for information of the best places to rent gear.


Ski Clothing

• Ski touring boots or Snowboard boots
• Skis or splitboard snowboard
• Ski poles
• Adhesive climbing skins (Fitted to width and length of your skis/board)
• Backpack capacity: 30-40 litre (2000-2400 cubic Inches)
• Avalanche probe
• Snow Shovel
• Digital Avalanche Transceiver
• Spare transceiver batteries (purchase new ones & check for correct size)
• Ski goggles
• Glacier glasses/sunglasses
• Insulated water bottle 2 litres  (Camelback or other hydration system)
• Small thermos (optional)

Ski Clothing

• Ski pants
• Long underwear, shirt and bottoms (poly-pro/wool blends)
• Mid Layer for insulation and wind while being active
• Warm socks (3 Pair)
• Ski gloves / Mitts / Waterproof Outers (2 pair)
• Gore-tex outer jacket / parka (with hood)
• Down/Synthetic jacket (warm, “puffy” type jacket)
• Toque (ski hat) • Sun hat (baseball cap or sombrero) & bandana/Buff

Lodge Clothing

• Lightweight casual pants (denim jeans / chinos)
• T-shirt
• Socks & underwear (spares and extras)
• Sweater or lightweight fleece shirt
• Light runners or sandals
• Towel
• Personal toiletries

Other Critical and Important Stuff

•SLEEPING BAG (light personal sleeping bag) The lodge provides linens and pillows and pillow cases

Personal first-Aid & blister Kit (second skin, compeed, athletic tape, personal medications, Ibuprofen, etc…)
• Earplugs
• Sun block (high SPF rated or zinc-type ointment)
• Camera & film (spare camera batteries and/or charger for digital cameras, plus USB connector)
• Repairs & spares kit (for own model of A/T, telemark, or snowboard binding Systems)
• Wine and Spirits, We have a selection of Phillips and Red Truck beer at the lodge
• Headlamp or flashlight
• Reading materials

Packing Advisory

Luggage allowance of 15kg (40lbs) per person including personal alcohol. This does not include skiing equipment.
Pack personal gear into a small duffel or into your daypack. Avoid large duffel bags or rigid frame travel bags.

Wear bulky and ski clothing as well as ski boots into the lodge.

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