Real Touring. Mountaineering. Shreddin' Pow!

At Whitecap, we like Old School, New School… and No School. Our mountain adventure company is the ultimate place for everyone who likes to glide on – and shred thorough – the freshest, deepest powder. We cater to Alpine touring skiers, telemarkers, and snowboarders. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you like to do, Whitecap is the place for you. It is our mission to make everyone feel welcome.

Photo Credit: Robin O'Neill | Unknown
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Unlimited Terrain. Summits. Vistas. Descents.

Whitecap is a true private skiing paradise. The magic of our location lies in the aesthetic feel of the terrain. This is a ’skiers canvas’ and the terrain unfolds, and opens, to those looking for a unique skiing or snowboarding experience. We can cater your experience to build a fantastic ski vacation, or mountain adventure, complete with the best skiing and camaraderie. Beautiful vistas and descents included.

Photo Credit: Christina Lustenberger
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Snowboarding & Splitboarding & Whitecap.

Whitecap is a world-class destination for both ski touring and snowboarding. For snowboards, splitboards offer the best way to explore and access our epic terrain. Many of our epic descents were pioneered by snowboarders and we've been involved in snowboard and splitboard culture since the beginning. Whitecap is able to assist guests with a splitboard rental if they do not have access to one.

Photo Credit: Jamie Bond
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Ski-touring & Telemarking & Whitecap.

Ski-touring, or off-piste skiing, is a big reason why Whitecap exists today. McGillivray Pass lodge's deep history goes back to the 1950's. Our dry seemingly bottomless powder and west coast-like conditions create a perfect balance of both stability and quality. There is no other place on the west coast where accessible touring terrain and great skiing is always 'just out the front door'.

Photo Credit: Michael Welch | Robin O'Neill
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Whitecap. Our Location is Everything.

Whitecap is located 75km North East of Whistler and 50Km NE of Pemberton in beautiful British Columbia. There is no backcountry ski lodge closer to both Vancouver, BC and Seattle, Washington. Our lodge – in the South Chilcotin Mountains on the east side of the Coastal Range where the air is a little colder – is renowned for its legendary dry Chilcotin ‘cold smoke’ powder and massive snowfall.

Photo Credit: Ken Cunningham
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Statistically Speaking. It's all here. And more.

Whitecap and McGillivray Pass Lodge has steadily gained a reputation as both legendary and awe-inspiring by our guests, and throughout our industry. Our breathtaking location receives the most impressive snowfall annually. Whitecap's incomparable variety of terrain is ideal for both skiers and snowboarders of any level, and ability. Our authentic, rare and unique destination needs to be experienced.

Photo Credit: Unknown
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