Frequently Asked Questions

What time are heli flights on Sat and Tues?

Saturday departure is approx 9AM Arriving back in Pemberton by 11-1130AM Tuesday departure is approx 12PM Arriving back in Pemberton by 1:30-2PM All times are conditional to current flying conditions.

What kind of toilets and how many on site do you have?

There are two heated composting toilets as well as two indoor heated pissoir toilets.

Do you have a shower and Sauna?

We have both an on demand hot water shower system and a sauna.

Is there a sink in the Yurt?

All yurts and out buildings are plumbed with running water and sinks.

What booze is offered?

We offer a premium selection of local craft beer from Phillips Brewery and Red Truck Brewery. There is a small selection of a variety of liquor as well.

How much booze can guests pack in?

We encourage guests to bring in wine and spirits if you so choose.

What gear rentals are available and costs?

We have a rental pool of the following:
Shovel: 10$ 1st day 5$/day after Probe: 10$ 1st day 5$/day after Transceiver: 25$ 1st day 15$/day after Splitboard, Bindings, Skins, Poles: 50$/day Skis/Bindings/Skins (must have tech compatible boots): 50$/day Poles: 15$/day

Do you recommend bringing an avalanche airbag?

Yes, airbags are an excellent way to decrease your chance of being buried in an avalanche. They are not mandatory, but if you do own one, please feel free to bring it with you.

Where can you buy cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance can be purchased from your local travel insurance company. For those that are residents of BC, cancellation insurance can be difficult to purchase. We recommend or as the best option for this.

Is there internet in the Yurts and Lodge? How much?

There is wifi available at the lodge. We charge 15$/trip to access. It is only available in the main lodge.

Anywhere to plug phones and other electronics?

We have charging stations at the lodge for all your electronic devices.

Do you need sheets, pillows and blankets?

We ask you bring a light sleeping bag or duvet to sleep in. We provide all linens, sheets and pillow cases.

We keep the yurts at room temperature, they are very comfortable, warm, heated, and well insulated.

Footwear for getting around the property?

A light pair or running shoes or snow boots work well. The pathways are kept well packed down and mostly clear of fresh snow. Runners or flip flops are a good option for the lodge.

General day itinerary?

Saturday exchange day skiing generally commences after the emergency training session, roughly between 11AM and noon. Breakfast is at 7:30AM, skiing commences after that Between 8:30 and 9AM. Skiing for the day or as you desire. Back home for apres at dusk and dinner is between 6:30 and 7PM.

How do you break the guided groups up?

We are very flexible, it's about you and what you want. Groups are managed based on individual desires, interest and ability. We generally run two main groups and at times up to three based on guests are interested in skiing. There is usually one stronger group, one moderate paced group and at times a third group focused on a specific speed, which could be ultra fast or completely mellow. We are more than happy to cater to novice backcountry users all the way up to the hammerheads. We generally have two guides and one assistant, at times we have three guides and one assistant.

On Tuesday how much skiing do we get?

Guests ski a half day on Tuesday, generally skiing from 8:30 to 11:30AM

How much does Heli Assist cost? How many drops in the day and how many people?

Heli Drops start at $300/person for two drops and go up at about 75$/drop after that to approx 4-5 drops total. We generally need a minimum of six people to run the program. The program runs as a value added program and we use it generally when the weather and conditions are conducive. Read: (nice and bluebird with good snow and stability).