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Deep History. Deeper Snow.

Hayden’s a Hiking

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After much anticipation, we reveal to you - The Alpine Sauna! 🔥 Our friends @mpprefontaine, @pebbleshoo and @emmasirena, joined hiking guides @evans_leah and @dhayder to test it out this week and the report was hot and sweaty. To celebrate our new creation, we’re running a short but sweet Sauna Trip, August 5 - 7. Get in touch for more details 📷 @ilannaemily || #whitecapsummer #hiking #alpine #sauna #hotandcold #surprisinglygood
Blooming beauties. The August 2-5 long weekend is perfect time to catch the alpine flowers in their prime. Wait too long and the lodge will be booked, so get planning!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo: @evans_leah || #whitecapsummer #hiking #alpineflowers #augustlong #surprisinglygood

Weather Conditions

When you come to the lodge it’s important to be prepared for all conditions.

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Summer at the Lodge

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“Pre-charge all electronic devices at home, and put in power save mode... tablets, cameras etc.. Amazingly, electrical outlets are available via a charging station in the main lodge, but only while the generator is running.”

This is how we do our Saturday nights 🌝 Photo: @wrightmoment || #whitecapsummer #saturdaynight #lodgelife #surprisinglygood
Escape the city and escape the crowds for your August long weekend. Aug 2 - 5 spots available at the lodge - with heli, accom, ACMG hiking guides, meals, snacks and good times all included 🌿 📷 @justen_bruns || #whitecapsummer #hiking #longweekend #getaway #surprisinglygood


Always pack your hut slippers. After a long day of skiing powder it’s a quick way to warm up your feet.

Joe Schwartz, Whitecap Guide