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Deep History. Deeper Snow.

Hayden’s a Hiking

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Want get in on our secret for getting over hump day....? Knowing that we’ll be escaping to our secluded mountain hideaway for the weekend. You’re welcome to join 🏔 📷 @cristinagareau || #whitecapsummer #hiking #getaway #surprisinglygood
Sunrise sauna sess. There’s no better way to start your Sunday. Next trip departing Aug 24th. Impulsive? Sure, but you’re body and mind will thank you 🏔 Msg for Aug 24-27 trip details 📷 @cristinagareau || #whitecapsummer #sauna #sunrise #hiking #goldenhour #alpinestart #surprisinglygood

Weather Conditions

When you come to the lodge it’s important to be prepared for all conditions.

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Summer at the Lodge

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“Pre-charge all electronic devices at home, and put in power save mode... tablets, cameras etc.. Amazingly, electrical outlets are available via a charging station in the main lodge, but only while the generator is running.”

Before you know it, the alpine hiking season will be coming to an end. Don’t miss out on the long, relaxing days at McGillivray Pass Lodge. Our next trip availability is August 24-27th. Send us a msg for bookings 📷 @cristinagareau || #whitecapsummer #sunset #hiking #surprisinglygood
When a dip into a chlorinated pool just won’t do. It’s time to get outta the city and get into the alpine 🏔 📷 @ilannaemily || #whitecapsummer #alpine #lakes #refresh #recharge #divestyle #surprisinglygood


Always pack your hut slippers. After a long day of skiing powder it’s a quick way to warm up your feet.

Joe Schwartz, Whitecap Guide